*Alternative Event - Plan Play Pressure Pause. Engaging Creative
Information Practices (#AE5)** **
Dear Colleagues,

Please join us in developing a discourse to help frame a new research area
to engage and envision investigations into creative information practices.
This event will critically engage participants in creative practices by
drawing upon Anderson’s 4P heuristic (plan, play, pressure, pause) to
scaffold creative engagements. Each of these “Ps” represents a different
way of engaging with information. Working on the premise that having a mix
of the four is critical in nurturing an innovative culture, participants
are invited to become more mindful of the mix that might best suit their
own contexts: be it in their personal practice or the practice of the
communities they wish to serve. To wrap-up, participants envision next
steps in this emerging research area.

*Time:** *Wednesday, 13/Feb/2013: 3:30pm - 5:00pm

*Location: *Pecos 1, Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas

*Event organizers:* Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Leanne Bowler, Lisa
Nathan, Eileen Trauth

* *


Leanne Bowler, PhD

School of Information Sciences

University of Pittsburgh

135 North Bellefield Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA