I am looking for authors to write about self-publishing with an emphasis on
libraries for a special segment in Against the Grain. The focus should be on
electronic publishing of serious materials in commercial sources like Amazon
or academic institutional repositories though some attention might be given
to the traditional print vanity presses. I'm looking for short papers of
about 2,000 words that treat one of the following questions or topics:

1. Do any libraries attempt to collect or make available self-published
materials by adding them to their collections or providing links to the
source? If yes, do these libraries make these materials available in the
traditional ILS or a separate finding tool? How do these libraries make
their collecting decisions? Does it matter whether the self-published
material is free or has a cost? I'm interested in responses or case studies
from all types of libraries.

2. Do any libraries have policies on self-published materials including what
to do if requested by a library user? Once again, I'm interested in all
types of libraries.

3. I'm looking for a volunteer to write a bibliographic essay on the subject
with special focus on libraries.

4. I'm looking for one or more members of the publishing and/or vendor
community to comment on this topic.

5. I might be interested in one or two authors who could describe their
experiences with self-publishing, especially if they have made efforts to
market to libraries. Any such article would be better if the author could
compare and contrast the self-publishing experience with the traditional
publishing process. I wish to exclude any experiences about self-publishing
in institutional repositories.

I would need the completed paper by March 1, 2013. Against the Grain is not
a refereed publication, but it is highly regarded in collection development
and acquisitions circles. The articles are also indexed in Library

If interested or if you have questions, please respond to me privately at
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My apologies for duplicate copies of this announcement from cross posting.

Dr. Robert P. Holley
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Wayne State University
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