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From: Mehra, Bharat
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 9:06 PM
Subject: Looking for One Jugde for the ALISE Doctoral Poster Session

Dear colleagues: Greetings! I know this is last-minute but here goes: We 
are looking for one person to fill-in as a judge during the ALISE Jean 
Tague-Sutcliffe Doctoral Student Poster Competition for someone who has 
had an emerging conflict come-up with an online class she has to teach 
synchronously during that time. If you are interested and available for 
the Judging Session [3.30-6.30pm, Wednesday January 23] please let me know 
ASAP and I will provide you access to the digital materials for the four 
applicants via dropbox to look at prior to the event. Much thanks for your 
consideration! My best regards, Bharat

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