Hey guys!

If you're volunteering tomorrow, we'll meet at the World's Fair Park splash pad (opposite end of the park from the bridge/Sunsphere).  If you're confused or you need a ride just email me and we can figure things out.  Once again thank you so much for volunteering!

Here's who I have on the list:
Rawicha Pruttianan
Stephanie Serago
Molly Sullivan
Ryan Wagner
Nicholas Bouldien
Alexandra Pitzer
David Thompson
Karsten Solies
Joseph McKee
Leslie Turner
Mollie Swayne
Jordan Whitaker
Erik Cole
Phil GoldFarb
Matthew Brunton

See you guys tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.!

Shannon T. Mullane
University of Tennessee
Global Studies, French
(865) 851-5792
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