Hello Everyone,†

Below we have compiled information that may be of particular use for graduate student members of the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP).††Read on for information regarding the SSSP annual meeting Call for Papers, the Student Paper Competition, and the Racial/Ethnic Minority Graduate Scholarship.††In addition, the number of SSSP Divisions with Facebook accounts is increasing so check them out!††Donít forget that the 2012 SSSP Agenda for Social Justice is a publication available for members, free of charge.††Finally, we ask for your input regarding places where students may look for jobs outside academia.

I.†††Annual Meeting Updates

Check out the Call for Papers and the Student Paper Competitions and Outstanding Scholarship Awards for SSSPís 63rd Annual Meeting, to be held August 9-11, 2013 at the Westin New York at Times Square in New York City. This year's theme selected by President R.A. Dello Buono is Re-imagining Social Problems: Moving Beyond Social Constructionism. We are very excited about our meeting. The winner of the Racial/Ethnic Minority Graduate Scholarship will also be recognized at the meeting. Please visit and please encourage your students to visit the following links for more information, and submit proposals and applications. (If the links donít work by clicking on them, try copying and pasting them in your browser URL.)

2013 Call for Papers:†


2013 Student Paper Competitions and Outstanding Scholarship Awards:†


The 2013 Racial/Ethnic Minority Graduate Scholarship:


II.††Facebook Pages

An increasing number of Special Problems Divisions are developing Facebook pages.† Be sure to check out the pages of the following Divisions:† DRINKING AND DRUGS; HEALTH, HEALTH POLICY, AND HEALTH SERVICES; SEXUAL BEHAVIOR, POLITICS, AND COMMUNITIES; and SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL WELFARE. Don't forget that SSSP also has a Facebook page! (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Society-for-the-Study-of-Social-Problems-SSSP/110886379003560)†

III. The SSSP Agenda for Social Justice

The SSSP Agenda for Social Justice is a digital publication produced by SSSP and has some key scholars in SSSP behind it.† It is worth checking out, may prove to be useful for class material or for your own research, and perhaps a conversation initiator with one of the authors at next year's conference.† (http://www.sssp1.org/index.cfm/m/323)

IV. Job information

As an interdisciplinary society interested in pursuing social justice, we would like to gather suggestions regarding where a student might look if interested in a job outside of academia.† If you have been looking outside academia and have websites and other sources, please e-mail†Sarah, and she will compile the responses and send out the results via the listserv.

We look forward to seeing you in New York City!


Your Graduate Student Representatives on the SSSP Board of Directors

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University of Tennessee

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University of Colorado

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