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CFP: Third Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking (CIS)
At the ACM CSCW 2013 Conference
February 24, 2013. San Antonio, Texas.
Information seeking is often not a solitary activity. The notion that people working in collaboration on information tasks should be studied and supported has become more prevalent in the recent years. The field of collaborative information seeking (CIS) is re-emerging, and bringing researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. This workshop will provide an opportunity to gather a motivated set of participants in learning and sharing their insights around theoretical foundations of CIS as well as its applications. The interactive nature of the workshop will allow the participants share their research, ideas, questions, and opinions with a goal of outlining an agenda for future research on collaborative information seeking, synthesis, and sense-making. The workshop will provide a venue to bring together those who have been working on CIS issues and those who want to plan their research agenda in this emerging field.

*Workshop Format*
The workshop is organized as a highly interactive event. Participants will have an opportunity to briefly present their current research on CIS, we will have discussions and break-out sessions on the topics, and one goal will be to outline a research agenda for future CIS. This format will provide an ideal ground for seasoned researchers and practitioners as well as beginners such as graduate students. So bring your questions and curiosity!

*Position Paper Format*
Potential attendees are encouraged to submit a brief position paper. The paper should be *two to four pages long* in ACM format <>.
Please email .pdf or .doc versions to Chirag Shah ([log in to unmask]) by *5:00pm PST on November 14, 2012*. Note that the organizers are currently working on organizing a special issue of a journal based on the themes of this workshop. More details are forthcoming.

*Workshop Themes*
  * Theories and models for Collaborative Information Seeking (CIS) and related areas.
  * Methodologies for studying various CIS issues, particularly, user behavior in CIS environments, collaborative information processes and task-related CIS
  * Integration of CIS models and frameworks into existing theories, models, tools or applications.
  * Application of CIS in different domains  requirements, issues, and benefits

*Discussion Points and Questions*
	1. How does collaboration fit into existing solitary information seeking activities?
	2. How do we move from single-user information seeking models to those for multi-users (collaborative)?
	3. The concepts of collaborative information handling and sharing are used in an unclear way. What is the distinction between them?
	4. How to integrate collaborative seeking into everyday life and professional environments?
	5. What are required and/or desired characteristics of a CIS system?  How do these relate to specific user needs and task scenarios?
	6. In what way could CIS tools and system be applied to different academic and professional setting?
	7. How can theories and models from CSCW inform CIS and vice versa?

*Important Dates*
	November 14, 2012: Position papers due
	December 11, 2012: Notifications
	February 24, 2013: Workshop

Chirag Shah, Rutgers University
Preben Hansen, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Rob Capra, UNC Chapel Hill

Chirag Shah, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Communication & Information (SC&I)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
4 Huntington St, New Brunswick NJ 08901
p. (732) 932-7500, ext. 8240	f. (732) 932-6916