Faculty, students, and staff from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois will participate in this week’s ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Highlights include a preconference anniversary event featuring Professor Emeritus Boyd Rayward as the keynote speaker. GSLIS also will host an alumni reception at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 29, at the Pier 5 Hotel Harbor Club to provide an opportunity to network with GSLIS faculty, students, and alumni and learn more about faculty position openings, research, and academic programs.




The Information Society and the Future of the History of Information Science

75th Anniversary Keynote Address

W. Boyd Rayward


“Speaking Volumes”: Cuadra, Williams, Cronin and the Evolution of the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology

Linda C. Smith


23rd Annual SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop

Joseph Tennis and Kathryn La Barre, co-chairs


Complications in climate data variable naming

Nicholas Weber, Andrea Thomer, and Gary Strand

Description Is a Drag: Issues in Vocabulary Control

K.R. Roberto

Internal cohesion and external separation

Dave Dubin

Special interest groups 1959 - 1980: Uneasy détente or collegial cold war?

Kathryn La Barre


The 8th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium (SIG SI)


A Familiar Face? A Critical Analysis of Microsoft's “Ms. Dewey”

Miriam Sweeney




Unreliable and Uncertain Annotators: Evaluating Rater Quality and Rating Difficulty in Online Annotation Activities
Peter Organisciak, Miles Efron, Katrina Fenlon and Megan Senseney


Value and Context in Data Use: Domain Analysis Revisited

Nicholas Weber, Karen Baker, Andrea Thomer, Tiffany Chao and Carole Palmer


Identifying Content and Levels of Representation in Scientific Data
Karen Wickett, Simone Sacchi, David Dubin and Allen Renear


Tooling the Aggregator's Workbench: Metadata Visualization through Statistical Text Analysis

Katrina Fenlon, Miles Efron and Peter Organisciak


Emerging Trends in Metadata Research

Heather Lea Moulaison, Susan Rathbun-Grubb, June Abbas, Jane Greenberg, Kathryn La Barre, Eva Méndez Rodríguez, Erik Mitchell and Alenka ©auperl


Library and Information Science in the Big Data Era: Funding, Projects, and Future

Vincent Lariviere, Richard Marciano, Michael Khoo and Stephen Downie


The Other as a Research Agenda for Information Science

Kathryn La Barre, Michael Buckland, Lai Ma and Charles van den Heuvel




ASIS&T Online Education Initiatives: Driving the Future

Diane Rasmussen, Linda C. Smith, Jacob A. Ratliff and Julia Khanova




Using Bootstrapping to Identify Protein Locations

Catherine Blake and Wu Zheng


Towards a Data Literate Citizenry

Michael Twidale, Jon Gant and Catherine Blake


Enhancing Cultural Heritage Collections by Supporting and Analyzing Participation in Flickr

Jacob Jett, Megan Senseney and Carole Palmer


Completeness, Coverage & Equivalence in Scientific Data Records

Andrea Thomer, Karen Baker, Simone Sacchi and David Dubin


Combined Methods, Thick Descriptions: Languages of Collaboration on Github

Nicholas Weber


The Data-at-Risk Initiative:  Analyzing the Current State of Endangered Scientific Data

Angela P. Murillo, Cheryl Thompson, Nico Carver, W. Davenport Robertson, Jane Greenberg and William Anderson



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