New San Jose Gateway PhD Program Alumna Pursue Careers in Academia


Cheryl Stenstrõm and Mary Ann Harlan are among the first individuals to
complete the  <> San Jose
Gateway PhD Program, an innovative doctoral program that spans two
continents in a partnership between the San Jose State University School of
Library and Information Science (SJSU SLIS) and Queensland University of
Technology (QUT), one of Australia's top research institutions. 


Both new alumna of the San Jose Gateway PhD Program are pursuing careers as
library and information science (LIS) educators and already hold full-time
lecturer positions at SJSU SLIS.


<> 's
research as a doctoral student focused on library funding decisions by
public officials, a natural extension of her interest in solving library
leadership challenges. She shared her latest research on library leadership
during a presentation at the recent Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual
Conference. View the
2008350&psid=2012-10-04.1014.D.32691D41D7B6515C391DA51803E7E3.vcr> recording
(Blackboard Collaborate).


Stenstrõm's passion for exploring library leadership challenges grows out of
her experience serving in leadership positions in several public libraries,
most recently as the chief librarian and CEO of the South Shore Public
Libraries in Nova Scotia, Canada. Stenstrõm currently teaches courses for
students enrolled in the fully online
s> Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at SJSU SLIS,
including courses on reference services, program evaluation, and advocacy.


rofiles-0/mary-ann-harlan> Harlan has a more than a decade of experience
serving as a teacher librarian, sparking her research interest in the
information seeking practices of teens. Her doctoral research examined how
teens create and share online content, including films, visual artwork,
music, and websites.  


"After four years, I was really pleased to share my research findings and
complete the doctoral program," said Harlan. "Now I'm looking forward to the
opportunity to use the knowledge I have gained in my teaching and in the


Harlan teaches MLIS courses at SJSU SLIS on topics including library
resources for tweens, school library media centers, and instructional
strategies. She is also an alumna of the MLIS program at SJSU SLIS.


Stenstrõm and Harlan join
<> Diana
Wakimoto as the first three doctoral students to complete the San Jose
Gateway PhD Program, which admitted its first students in 2008. The doctoral
program uses a distance education model to serve students who work part time
or full time while earning their degrees. They receive guidance and
one-on-one mentoring from SJSU SLIS and QUT faculty.


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