For those interested in distance ed and online learning, I bring to your 
attention  It seems to be an interesting community college 
based learning scheme (based on who wants to participate, including 
established full professors) and an academic philosophy (get the students 
to learn something).

   I've signed up for (free) (and I invite you to join me):

which it titled "Think Again: How to Reason and Argue" taught by these 

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (right) is Chauncey Stillman Professor of 
Practical Ethics in the Philosophy Department and the Kenan Institute for 
Ethics at Duke University and Core Faculty in the Duke Institute for Brain 
Sciences. He has served as vice-chair of the Board of Officers of the 
American Philosophical Association and co-director of the MacArthur 
Project on Law and Neuroscience. He has published books on moral theory, 
philosophy of religion, theory of knowledge, and informal logic. His 
current research focuses on ways that psychology and neuroscience can 
illuminate moral beliefs and moral responsibility. He has regularly taught 
a course on reasoning for three decades.

Ram Neta (left) is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He has published dozens of articles on 
various topics in epistemology, including the nature and extent of our 
knowledge, the constraints that rationality imposes of on our states of 
confidence, the sorts of considerations that can serve as evidence for us, 
and how arguments for skepticism can come to seem compelling.  He has also 
edited a number of recent and forthcoming volumes in epistemology.  His 
current research focuses on understanding how epistemic constraints on an 
animal’s representational states can be determined by the essential 
properties of the species to which the animal belongs.

Not slouchers.  But this could be a great deal of fun.  Hope to see you in 


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