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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:25:54 -0400
From: NANCY HODGE DEWALD <[log in to unmask]>

Public Services Quarterly's column, ˙˙Future Voices in Public Services,˙˙ 
is a forum for students in graduate library and information science 
programs to discuss key issues they see in academic library public 
services, to envision what they feel librarians in public service have to 
offer to academia, to tell us of their visions for the profession, or to 
tell us of research that is going on in library schools. We hope to 
provide fresh perspectives from those entering our field, in both the 
United States and other countries. Interested faculty of graduate library 
and information science programs, who would like their students˙˙ ideas 
represented in this column, are invited to contact Nancy H. Dewald, 
˙˙Future Voices˙˙ column editor, at [log in to unmask] Please note that 
students must be interested in ACADEMIC librarianship.

If you would like to see sample essays, please contact me. We have had 
column contributors representing LIS programs in Australia, Scotland, 
British Columbia, Ontario, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Alabama, Washington state, and 
Hawaii. I hope to be hearing from some of you soon! Thanks.

Nancy Dewald, Column Editor
˙˙Future Voices in Public Services,˙˙ Public Services Quarterly

Nancy H. Dewald
Reference Librarian
Penn State Berks
Tulpehocken Road, P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610-6009