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Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:55:16 -0400
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Subject: Rutgers Storms ASIST 2012


Hope to see you soon at ASIST 2012. Rutgers University Faculty and
Students will be there in full gale force. Please stop by at one of our
sessions listed below or at our reception on Monday night from 8-10pm at
PACA meeting room 23. All are welcome!

Saturday, October 27th 1:30-6:30 p.m.
Evolving and Emerging Research Methodologies in Information Behavior,
Needs, Seeking, and Use
-Chirag Shah (faculty), (with others)-Co-organizer and Presenter

Sunday, October 28th 3:30p.m.
"How Much Change Do You Get from 40$?"- Analyzing and Addressing Failed
Questions on Social Q&A.
-Chirag Shah (faculty), Marie L. Radford (Dept. Chair, faculty), Lynn
Silipigni Connaway (OCLC), Erik Choi (Ph.D. Student), and Vanessa Kitzie
(Ph.D. Student)

Exploration of Dynamic Query Suggestions and Dynamic Search Results for
Their Effects on Search Behaviors
-Chirag Shah (faculty), Jingjing Liu (Ph.D. Alumna), Roberto
González-Ibáñez (Ph.D. Student), and Nick Belkin (faculty)

Third Space as an Information System and Services Intervention Methodology
for Engaging the User's Deepest Levels of Information Need.
-Carol Kuhlthau (faculty emerita) and Charles Cole

iSchools and L-Schools: Converging or Diverging Communities?
-Marija Dalbello (Ph.D. Director, faculty), panelist (with others)

Monday, October 29th 8:00a.m.
Panel: Crossing the Divide: Putting Information-Seeking Research and
Theory into Computer Science Practice to Make Information Search Systems
and Services More Effective for the User
-Carol Kuhlthau (faculty emerita), panelist (with others)

Paper: Time and Space in Collaborative Information Seeking: The Clash of
Effectiveness and Uniqueness
-Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez (Ph.D. Student), Muge Haseki (Ph.D. Student), and
Chirag Shah (faculty)

Searching vs. Writing: Factors Affecting Information Use Task Performance
-Jingjing Liu (Ph.D. Alumna) and Nicholas J. Belkin (faculty)

Task Difficulty and Domain Knowledge Effects on Information Search Behaviors
-Chang Liu (Ph.D. Alumna), Jingjing Liu (Ph.D. Alumna), Michael Cole
(Ph.D. Student), Nicholas J. Belkin (faculty), and Xiangmin Zhang
(faculty, Wayne State)

6:30p.m. - Posters
Understanding Patient-Provider Communication Entered Via a Patient Portal
-Si Sun (Ph.D. Student) and Xiaomu Zhou (faculty), (with others)

Gendered Literacy: An Integrated Conceptual Model.
-Emily Seitz (Ph.D. Student)

Conceptualizing Emergent Archival Forms: A Case Study of the Occupy Wall
Street "Archive."
-Zack Lischer-Katz (Ph.D. Student)

Pseudo-Collaboration as a Method to Perform Selective Algorithmic
Mediation in Collaborative IR Systems
-Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez (Ph.D. Student), Chirag Shah (faculty), and Ryen
White (Microsoft Research)

Developing a Typology of Online Q&A Models and Recommending the Right
Model for Each Question Type.
-Erik Choi (Ph.D. Student), Vanessa Kitzie (Ph.D. Student), & Chirag Shah

Uncovering Visualization Properties That Confuse.
-Kyong Eun Oh (Ph.D. Student), Karen Bemis, Marilyn Tremaine, Deborah
Silver, and Xiaojuan Ma

Investigating Positive and Negative Affects in Collaborative Information
Seeking: A Pilot Study Report.
-Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez (Ph.D. Student) and Chirag Shah (faculty)

Tuesday, October 30th 8:30a.m. - Paper
Convergence and Synergy: Social Q&A Meets Virtual Reference Services.
-Marie L. Radford (Dept. Chair, faculty), Lynn Silipigni Connaway (OCLC),
& Chirag Shah (faculty)

3:30p.m. - Panel
Learning to Discover: Youth Information Literacy in the "I" Digital Age
-Ross Todd, (faculty) panelist (with others)

8:00p.m. - SIG/CON
-Marie L. Radford (Dept. Chair, faculty), Tefko Saracevic (faculty), Joe
Sanchez (faculty), Jessa Lingel (Ph.D. Student)  (with many others)

Hope to see you soon!

Marie L. Radford, Chair
Department of Library and Information Science
School of Communication and Information
Rutgers University
New Jersey