Will you help us inform others that we are just 6 weeks away from the
deadline for submitting papers to our InSITE 2013 conferences in Porto,
Portugal?  The conferences take place the first week on July.


Will you forward this announcement to email lists to which you belong?  Here
is a link to our Call for Participation: . The main website for the
conferences is http://InSITE.NU .


The conferences' keynote speakers include David Harris, designer of things
that inform, and Prof. T. Grandon Gill, prolific author and investigator.
Attendees will be able, without charge, to attend sessions of the collocated
Complexity, Cybernetics,  Informing Science, and Engineering Conference put
on by IIIS.


In addition to the collocated CCISE conference, the InSITE conferences
include the following four collocated conferences:


InSITE: Inform -- solicits papers in any area that explores issues in
effectively and efficiently informing clients through IT (information


InSITE: TeachIT --  focuses on research topics related to teaching IT,
including curricular issues, capstone courses, pedagogy, and emerging topics
in IT.


InSITE: TeLE --  focuses on research topics related to using IT to teach.
For example, these topics include e-Learning, m-Learning, making classroom
teaching more effective, and distance learning.


InSITE: =Connect= consists of study in various locations on the transmission
of information across time and across space. Connect focuses on the
interrelationship between context (historical forces and culture) and
information and knowledge transfer.


Beginning this year, the Informing Science Institute is benefiting from
ICARUS-ISI  special software designed for us to encourage online
collaborative paper creation, submission, review, and revision, created by
Dr. Raafat Saade.  


Colleagues able to review three conference papers this December, please
visit to sign up.  (Productive
conference reviewers receive $50 in discounts on their conference
registration fee as a token of our thanks.)


Here are some tutorials on how to use the new ICARUS system:

     How to set up your profile:


     How to become a reviewer:


     How to submit a paper:


     How to review an article:


Thanks in advance in helping us disseminate the call for papers, for signing
up as a reviewer, and for submitting your own paper to InSITE.


All the best,



Eli Cohen
Exec. Director, Informing Science Institute <>