AUSTIN, Texas --- The UT iSchool welcomes two new tenured faculty
members for the Fall 2012 semester, Associate Professor Kenneth R.
Fleischmann and Associate professor Bo Xie, both formerly from the
College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. The new
hires strengthen the senior ranks of the school and establish a formal
link in health informatics with UT's top-ranked School of Nursing.

Dr. Fleischmann's research focuses on understanding the role of human
values in the design and use of information technologies as well as
developing new approaches for computational social science through
collaboration with computational linguists. He holds degrees in Computer
Science, Anthropology, and Science and Technology Studies. His research
has been funded by grants and fellowships from the National Science
Foundation (NSF) and by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects
Activity (IARPA), and has been published in journals such as Journal of
the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST),
Communications of the ACM, Computer, and The Information Society, for
which he also serves as Associate Editor. Dr. Fleischmann will teach
courses in information in social and cultural context, value-sensitive
design, and information ethics.

Dr. Xie's research reflects her interdisciplinary training in Medicine,
Psychology, and Science & Technology Studies. She focuses on health
informatics interventions that can promote older adults' use of
information and communication technologies (ICT) for health information
and decision-making (i.e., e-health literacy) that may have important
implications for patient-provider relationships and health outcomes. The
long-term focus of her work is to address socioeconomic disparities in
access to health information and information technology. Her areas of
focus include older adults' learning and use of computers and the
internet; computer literacy; lifelong learning; civic engagement;
volunteering; social relationships; social support; online communities;
health and well-being. Currently funded by NIH, Dr. Xie will hold a
joint appointment with the School of Nursing and help develop a new
cross-disciplinary program in health informatics.

"We are delighted to recruit these two faculty members", said Dean
Andrew Dillon of the School of Information, adding, "Ken and Bo
represent strong additions to our tenured ranks and bring expertise that
complements our strengths, builds bridges with important constituencies
on campus, and extends our efforts to create a new kind of
interdisciplinary school to shape the future of information science".

Sam Burns
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