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Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 00:45:56 -0400
From: #KOKIL JAIDKA# <[log in to unmask]>

Hi, I'm a PhD student at Nanyang Technological 
doing research in automatic summarization, supervised by Drs. Chris Khoo 
and Na Jin Cheon.

I'm looking for assessors to evaluate three types of summaries of research 
papers -- as part of my PhD project. The assessors should be PhD 
candidates, researchers or faculty in LIS or Computer Science. (PhD 
candidates should have passed their qualifying exams or proposal defense.) 
They should also be native English speakers, as the quality of writing is 
part of the evaluation.

*The task* The task is to evaluate the quality of three summaries of 
research papers on a particular topic from JASIST, J. Doc. & JIS. Each 
task will take about 30 min.; each assessor will be requested to do 3 
tasks (1.5 to 2 hours altogether).

*Payment* I can offer a token payment of US$20 for the 3 tasks, to be paid 
to the assessor's Paypal account after receipt of the evaluations.

*The topics* The summaries are on the following topics. You can indicate 3 
topics as your preference - though I can't promise to assign you the 
topics of your choice.

-      Attribution theory

-      Citation analysis

-      Collaborative filtering

-      Creativity

-      Digital library users

-      Indexing

-      Information architecture

-      Information kiosks

-      Information needs

-      Information retrieval

-      Interfaces

-      Internet

-      Journal usage

-      Knowledge sharing

-      Language translation

-      Recommender systems

-      Relevance

-      Searchers, Searcher behaviour

-      Taxonomy

-      User behaviour

- Web searching

If you are able to help me with the evaluation, please 
drop an email to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> 
with some background information about yourself.  The research results 
will be anonymized in any publication, and the identity of the assessors 
and their background information will be kept strictly confidential and 
will be available only to me and my supervisors.

Kokil Jaidka