The ASIS&T SIG USE Symposium on "Evolving and Emerging Research Methodologies in Information Behavior, Needs, Seeking, and Use" on Oct. 27, 1:30-6:30pm will include a keynote by Dr. Lisa Given on photography, participant-driven methods, arts-based approaches and other new methods, and brief "lightning talks" by workshop participants on topics including:

Projective techniques for exploring subconscious influences - Kendra Albright
Visual metaphors to reveal metacognition - Leanne Bowler
Text and subtext in digital media - Nadine Desrochers, Diane Neal, Caroline Whippey
Paratext and visual cues in writing  - Nadine Desrochers, Jen Pecoskie
Measuring individual differences in opportunistic information discovery - Sanda Erdelez
Photovoice in community-based, participatory research - Shelagh Genius
Group informatics - Sean Goggins
Neuroscience and brain activity in relevance decisions and information search - Jacek Gwizdka
Sense-making in group-interviewing with teens - Kyungwon Koh
Machinima in virtual worlds - Eric Meyers
Social media and virtual world metrics and analytics tools - Lorri Mon, Ji Sue Lee
Social Q&A data mining and text analytics - Sanghee Oh
Critical discourse analysis - Michael Olsson
Social networking sites in health research - Ann O'Neil, Sarah Sutton, Samia Azzouz, Sara deCaro
Experience sampling method in information behavior research - Soo Young Rieh
New methods and measures in information evaluation - Linda Schamber
Community-based Q&A and collaborative searching - Chirag Shah
Card-sorting in diabetes-related information seeking - Beth St. Jean
Information behavior research in families and communities - Tiffany Veinot
Initial coding using gerunds in personal health records research  -  Barbara Wildemuth
Spoken and gestural input in information retrieval - Xiaojun Yuan
Diary methods with experience-sampling and event-sampling in information research - Ji Yeon Yang

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See you at ASIS&T 2012!  

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