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Aug. 27, 2012
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Information Studies

The UW-Milwaukee, SOIS Research Group for Information Retrieval (rgIR) awarded best paper at the Fourth Information Interaction in Context (IIiX) Symposium.

A collaboration of the School of Information Studies (SOIS) Research Group for Information Retrieval (rgIR) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was awarded best paper at the Fourth Information Interaction in Context (IIiX) Symposium. The paper, “On the Consistency and Features of Image Similarity,” was authored by Pierre Tirilly, Chunsheng Huang, Wooseob Jeong, Xiangming Mu, Iris Xie, and Jin Zhang. Xie and Tirilly co-presented the paper during the conference in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on August 24th. The paper examines the study of the perception of similarities and differences between images.


From the abstract: “Image indexing and retrieval systems mostly rely on the computation of similarity measures between images. This notion is ill-defined, generally based on simplistic assumptions that are grounded on no or little empirical evidence. This paper addresses two fundamental issues related to image similarity: checking whether the degree of similarity between two images is perceived consistently by different users and establishing the elements of the images on which users base their similarity judgment. A study is set up, in which human subjects have been asked to assess the degree of the pairwise similarity of images and describe the features on which they base their judgments.”


Pierre Tirilly was a post-doctoral fellow at rgIR from September 2010 until July 2012; he has returned to his home country of France where he has accepted a faculty position. Chunsheng Huang is a current PhD student at SOIS; her research interests include information retrieval system design and evaluation, digital libraries, and user studies. Associate Professor Wooseob Jeong is the current Interim Dean for the School; his research interests include human computer interaction and multilingual/multiscript information systems. Associate Professor Xiangming Mu’s research interests include information retrieval theories and systems, and health and biomedical information retrieval. Professor Iris Xie is the current Doctoral Program Director; she is the author of Interactive Information Retrieval in Digital Environments. Professor Jin Zhang’s research includes search engine optimization and consumer health informatics; he is the author of Visualization for Information Retrieval.


The proceedings from the conference will be available in ACM Digital Library. To learn more about rgIR, visit:

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