New Courses: Document Detective Work and Exploring Access and Privacy 
Legal Issues

*Professional Development Institute
at the School of Information Studies
  at UW-Milwaukee *

      Document Detective Work

      September 17 - October 26

      Do you need to identify, interpret, or catalog historical
      documents and photographs for your job or research? Document
      Detective Work is an entry-level course designed to provide
      methods to gleaning information from unidentified documents and
      photographs such as approximate date of creation, addressee,
      subject, or context.

      We will practice looking at variety of elements to help us form a
      clearer picture of the document or photograph:
      . visual clues in photographs
      . the age of substrates/document forms
      . genealogy
      . document "forensics"
      . reference tools

*Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Anderson

      Exploring Access and Privacy Legal Issues for Archivists,
      Librarians, and Information Professionals

      September 24 - November 2

      Instructor Menzi Behrnd-Klodt will provide an in-depth course to
      access and privacy legal issues encountered by today's archivists,
      librarians, and curators. Taught by an archivist and attorney with
      extensive experience in both fields, the course will examine some
      of the most perplexing and vexing issues for archivists today --
      how to balance provide open access with preserving personal
      privacy, including the privacy of unknowing third parties
      represented in archival collections. Through a variety of
      readings, participants will be explore these challenging issues,
      share their own experiences and then address some of these issues
      through case studies. This course will provide useful information
      to new and experienced professionals in public and private
      archives, libraries, special collections, and museums.

*Instructor: Menzi Behrnd-Klodt

      Designing Marketing Materials Using Adobe's Creative Suite
      November 12 - December 14

      Learn the tools and techniques used to help you develop materials
      that effectively promote and inform your library community or
      organization. This 5-week,hands-on workshop will introduce you to
      industry standard software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
      Adobe Acrobat) used to create high impact and professional
      promotional materials -- newsletters, program announcements,
      reading programs, advocacy materials, literacy campaigns, etc.
      Students will have access to the School of Information Studies
      Online Computer Lab -- /no software purchase is required/.

*Instructor: Rebecca Hall*

      Resource Description and Access: An Introduction to RDA, FRBR and
      Linked Data

      September 17 - November 9

*Only a few spots left!*

      This eight-week online workshop will first introduce participants
      to the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models that underlie RDA.  (FRBR
      and FRAD = Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records and
      for Authority Data.)  It will go on to introduce participants to
      the structure of RDA, the use of the online RDA Toolkit, how to
      catalog using RDA, and how to create RDA MARC records.  It will
      also show how RDA may be applied in enhanced database structures
      and in the Linked Data environment.  The workshop is intended for
      people with a working knowledge of AACR2 and MARC but not
      necessarily of FRBR or RDA.

*Instructor: Steven Miller*


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