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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 16:27:53 -0400
From: Brett Bonfield <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: Too Many Library Jobs

As an interesting counterpoint to the Forbes scare [1], it's worth
noting that a few areas within the library profession appear to have
so many jobs that it's difficult to keep up with all of the postings.

The code4lib community -- a community of programmers, designers,
archivists, and others interested in library technology --
collaboratively runs a mailing list, IRC channel, journal, and
conference, along with a few other projects. One of those projects,
put together recently by LOC's Ed Summers, is code4lib jobs [2], a
program that automatically pulls relevant job postings from multiple
sources and re-posts them to the code4lib mailing list.

A complaint posted yesterday to the ~2,000 member, fairly active
code4lib mailing list: "It's all job postings!"

For follow-up responses by other mailing list members, select "Next in
Topic" near the top-left of the screen. As Ed Summers points out a few
posts in, a "goal of is to help document the skills
and jobs that are in demand, to help educators teach their students
relevant skills so that they can find jobs."


Brett Bonfield
PhD student, Rutgers University