Information Sciences has been very well represented among those honored as the school year draws to a close. These most recent announcements follows on the heels of the enormous honor announced two weeks ago for Dr. Carol Tenopir representing the University of Tennessee as our SEC
Faculty Achievement Award winner.

Chancellor's Honors - the University's highest honors

Extraordinary Professional Promise to Rachel Gammons and Lisa Kellerman

College of Communication and Information (CCI) Awards and Scholarships - highest honors given by the college.
All four schools are eligible.  The following are the SIS honorees.

CCI Faculty Teaching Award went to Dr. Rachel Fleming-May for her 'artful' teaching ability.

CCI Faculty Innovative Technology Teaching Award went to Dr. Peiling Wang for her awareness of diverse technology
tools that can be used for learning purposes.
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation to Dr. Arsev Aydinoglu, NASA post-doctoral researcher

Karl A. and Madira Bickel Scholarship to Laura Buell and Amy Dye-Reeves

Coca-Cola Minority Scholarship to Kayla Siddell

James Lawrence Fly Scholarship to Marie Stroop

Herbert H. Howard Fellowship to Theresa Parrish

Bernard King Scholarship to Siony Flowers

John Robert Randt Award went to Kerri Courter

Reeder-Siler Graduate Fellowship to Sheryl Sharp

Jerry H. Whitener Scholarship to Vicky Bills

For 2012, two of the three faculty awards for CCI went to Information Sciences faculty.  We continue to be very proud of all the SIS
faculty and students and congratulate these who have been recognized for their outstanding achievements. To view this story on our web site, please visit

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