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Some of you have asked about qualitative data analysis software – we have a site license for QDA Miner. See below.



Featured Software: QDA Miner

QDA Miner, by Provalis Research, is qualitative data analysis software that provides a way to manage documents and perform common qualitative analysis tasks on data that is primarily textual. QDA is the process of coding segments of free-form text, such as words, phrases, sentences or entire paragraphs, with predefined categories. Once segments are coded, they can be analyzed using tools such as clustering, dendrograms, thematic maps and proximity plots. To see a detailed list of features and tools, go to http://provalisresearch.com/QDAMiner/QDAMinerFeatures.html .


QDA Miner is available to University of Tennessee Knoxville and can be installed on personally-owned and UT-owned computers. It is available for free download to students, faculty and staff at http://oit.utk.edu/software  or it can be accessed by UTK on OIT’s new Apps@UT server by logging in at https://apps.utk.edu .



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