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Given the recent discussions on the Maryland case of ranaviral disease in box turtles, I thought that I’d distribute this recent outreach information sheet produced by the Southeastern Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SEPARC).  There are a few references missing, but in general, it gives a good overview of cases in the United States.  As you’re aware, Rachel also produced an excellent review last fall that was published in Viruses (http://fwf.ag.utk.edu/mgray/ranavirus/2011Publications/Marschang2011.pdf). 


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NOTE:  If interested, there are other information sheets related to herpetofaunal pathogens, disinfectants, and procedures for shipping samples to a diagnostic lab on the SEPARC website (http://www.separc.org/) --- look under “Products”.  The 2012 Information Sheets (#11-14) have not been posted yet --- these were on: (11) Ranavirus in Chelonians, (12) Mycoplasma in alligators, (13) endocrine disruptors, and (14) Viruses in alligators.  Until they’re posted, I have PDFs of these if interested.    

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