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Please see the email below sent in November.  As many of you are aware, we are expanding Jason Hoverman’s study (, and continuing to test the relative susceptibility of amphibians against a panel of ranavirus isolates.  To date, 28 species have been completed (please see the attachment).  We hope to complete 40 species total in 2012.  To conduct these experiments, we need egg masses (approximately 300 eggs, ideally from 4 or more individuals).  We will test any new species not included in the attached list, but especially need greater species representation in Bufonidae, Salamandridae, Scaphiopodidae and Hylidae for the comparative phylogenetic analyses.  Additionally, we need greater species representation for western North America and other continents.  If you are able to collect egg masses for these experiments, please let me know and I will send instructions, shipping supplies, and a FedEx account number for shipping.  Thank you very much for considering.  Any help is greatly appreciated! 


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Subject: FW: Hoverman Ranavirus Paper




Attached please find one of Jason Hoverman’s studies that was recently published examining the relative susceptibility of 19 North American amphibian species to ranavirus.  Jason related mortality rates to various host characteristics using comparative phylogenetic analyses.  One of my PhD students is continuing Jason’s work and will complete 40 amphibian species total by the end of summer 2012. Collectively, these results will allow us to make strong inferences on typical host characteristics associated with highly susceptible amphibian species.  Please see the second attachment for the species we’ve completed to date.  In order to conduct the comparative phylogenetic analyses, we prefer to have >4 species per taxonomic family.  The families with the lowest representation are Bufonidae, Salamandridae, Scaphiopodidae and Hylidae; however, greater representation in the other families (Ranidae and Ambystomatidae) we’ve tested, especially in regions outside of the eastern United States, would strengthen the final analyses too.  If you’re able to send egg masses to us in 2012 for these experiments, please let me know.  We’ll send instructions and pay for shipping costs! 


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