This is exactly what we have been seeing in box turtles from Tennessee and North Carolina, possibly Virginia as well.  We have sen FV3-like causing these exact signs since 2003 and is a real problem. It is likely the same virus as the tadpoles.  I just finished 3 challenge studies in adult sliders that will show very similar things to the ones in the report.  I believe that aquatic turtles can be a potential reservoir in addition to salamanders and substrates for the virus and that box turtles are an extremely sensitive species.  

I have been expanding the surveillance in turtles to 5 states and several species.  We hope to have something for the group soon,

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I've been emailing with Scott Farnsworth, the MS student who led the field project. I believe David Green did the diagnostics. About the other questions here is his response. 

"working towards publishing on it.  As for whether or not it is the same virus, I think you know better even than I do about the debate on that issue.  As far as I am aware that is an answer that we just don't have a definitive answer for yet."

Sounds like there will be an NPR report on the research soon. 


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>I believe David Green was the lead pathologist.  David?  
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>This is indeed terrible, did the people involved published this already, do they know whether it is the same virus that killed the tadpoles and the turtles?
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>That’s bloody awful. Damn.
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>A recent story in the Washington Post on ranaviruses.  
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