Dear Dr. Matt,  Dear Dr. Amanda
Thank you for your information of the event.
That is very interesting event for me.
Unfortunately, I can not attend.
However, I think the symposium of the Rana virus would like to join us next year.
Best regards
Yumi Une

2012/2/4 Gray, Matthew James <[log in to unmask]>

Dear GRC:


For those members that are serving on committees for the 2013 Ranavirus Symposium, a reminder to please take minutes during your planning meetings (attached is an example) and send them to Amanda ([log in to unmask]).  We will be sharing minutes among committees so each committee is aware of other ongoing activities.  We also will be posting minutes to the symposium website, which Jake will have activated shortly.  During your meetings, please think about how your activities may impact planning for other committees or how other committees could help with completing your tasks.  For example, committees may want to interact with the advertising committee to post information to the symposium website, or the presentation/discussion group committee may want to interact with the breaks/meal committee to relay schedules and anticipated space/food needs.  Additionally, all committees should interact with the fundraising committee if they anticipate costs associated with planned activities.  By increasing communication among committees, we should facilitate progress. 


Thank you very much for helping organize the 2013 Ranavirus Symposium!


Best--- Matt

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