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Bibliographic Control: A Meeting Between Educators and Practitioners
January 20, 2012: 1:30-3:00 PM
Dallas Convention Center, Room C146
Co-sponsored by ALCTS and ALISE

"On the Record", the report of the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, stresses the need for an up-to-date educational preparation of catalogers, metadata specialists, indexers, and other librarians and information professionals, so that the educational system will continue to produce professional librarians whose skill sets match the needs of the marketplace that they will be entering.

To address this issue ALCTS and ALISE are convening a meeting for librarians involved in bibliographic control (writ large) and educators. This hour and a half-long forum will feature three speakers, providing varying perspectives on the current state of cataloging and metadata education and what cataloging and metadata practitioners need to know in the workplace. Time will be provided for the speakers to respond to each other's presentations, and to questions and comments from the audience.

The session will be moderated by Dr. Arlene G. Taylor, Professor Emerita of the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences, and will feature the following panelists:

Shilpa Rele, Digital Program Librarian at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, and 2009 MLIS Graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles. As a recent LIS graduate, Shilpa will discuss coursework and internships that she took during her MLIS program, and how well they prepared her for her current position.

Beth Picknally Camden, Patricia and Bernard Goldstein Director of Information Processing, University of Pennsylvania.
As a library administrator, responsible for managing catalogers and metadata specialists, Beth will discuss how well the desired skill sets for catalogers and cataloging managers are being developed in current LIS graduates; and how well libraries are meeting the needs for continuing education and professional development.

Dr. June Abbas, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma Department of Library and Information Studies.
As an LIS faculty member, June will discuss the current state of LIS cataloging education from a faculty perspective and initiate an open discussion with the audience.