ISIC 2012: The Information Behaviour Conference

Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

4-7 September 2012


Call for Participation


Workshop on Teaching Information Behaviour

2-5pm, 7 September 2012




Karen E. Fisher, University of Washington

Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri

Co-Editors of Theories of Information Behaviour (2005) and

Theories of Information Behaviour in Motion (forthcoming)


How people experience information—create, need, encounter, seek, share, manage, use and are affected by—is the core focus of information behaviour research. However, information behaviour is challenging to teach because it is highly conceptual and research-based. By virtue of people themselves and how they engage with information, the phenomenon of information behaviour is constantly undergoing change with the identification of new concepts and connections. As a course, information behaviour is taught to students at all academic levels—from undergraduate to PhD, and across various backgrounds –from library and information science to education, health, business, computer science, communications, etc.  Notwithstanding recent texts written for the field (e.g., Case, 2007; Fisher, Erdelez and McKechnie, 2005), the information behaviour community has had little opportunity to focus in-depth on pedagogy across institutions and cultures. ISIC 2012 marks our field’s inaugural workshop on teaching information behaviour and we invite all current educators and future educators to become engaged.



The aim of this half-day gathering of current educators and doctoral students is to share experiences in teaching information behaviour and to create an open community resource for going forward. Highly interactive and participatory, the workshop will focus on:

-          identifying how information behaviour is taught worldwide and by whom;

-          sharing experiences with teaching information behaviour;

-          sharing pedagogical materials, including syllabi, readings, exercises and assignments, lectures, etc;

-          learning how instructors are prepared (and supported) to teach information behaviour; and

-          other related topics.

To apply

Everyone registered  for the ISIC 2012 Conference is invited to participate in the Workshop on Teaching Information Behaviour for the additional fee of 3,000 yen.  By May 31, 2012, all registered workshop participants are required to email the workshop organizers at ([log in to unmask]) in 500 words or less:

-          Their name and affiliation (current, past)

-          A description of their past and present involvement with teaching information behaviour or outline their future interest in teaching in this area. 

-          Specific topics they would like to be covered at the workshop (e.g.,  use of pedagogical tools, how to turn research area into exercise;  team teaching or co-coordinating sections, finding  materials, creating case studies, etc.)

Peer Review:  Teaching Exemplum


For interested workshop participants, the following peer reviewed option is offered in which you discuss a teaching exemplum from your own portfolio:

By March 23rd 2012, submit a 500-1000 word write-up of a teaching exemplum from your own portfolio that includes: (1) the syllabus instructions describing a teaching exercise that you have used (or are using this year) for teaching information behavior, (2) an explanation of the purpose of the assignment, such as who it is for, its purpose, conceptual bases, where it fits in the course curriculum, your program curriculum, past success, how you’ve modified it, future plans, how others have used it, supplemental materials, etc. Please include screen shots or explanation of additional instruction that you may use when presenting the assignment to your students.


Authors who submit teaching exemplars will be notified of acceptance by April 30th 2012 with final versions due May 18th, 2012. Teaching exemplar papers will be considered for publication in Information Research with a Teaching Information Behavior Workshop report along with other accepted papers from the Information Seeking in Context 2012 Conference.


In addition to submitting the teaching exemplum, authors should include the above informational items requested of general workshop participants to assist the workshop organizers.


Note all participants of the ISIC2012 Conference including the Workshop participants are required to register before the final submissions of papers.

To learn more about the workshop, please contact Karen E. Fisher ([log in to unmask]) or Sanda Erdelez ([log in to unmask]).




Karen E. Fisher, PhD


The Information School

University of Washington

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