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Call for papers


"Libraries Now! - Inspiring, Surprising, Empowering""

11-17 August 2012, Helsinki, Finland


Information Technology Section

Theme: Continuity in the face of digital disasters: Disaster planning
and recovery for digital libraries


While much emphasis has been placed by libraries on developing digital
collections and services, there have been few studies of how to keep
these digital collections and services functioning in the case of a
disaster or some other disruption to normal library operations. Whether
due to natural or man-made events, advance planning for disruptions to
services and collections is critical in our increasingly digital age. 


In response to this critical need, the Information Technology section is
seeking proposals for papers on best practices and tools that relate to
the facilitation, implementation, or planning for disaster recovery and
business continuity of digital libraries. 


Areas of interest for papers include, but need not be restricted to, the

*         Developing effective disaster recovery and organizational
continuity models

*         Implementing effective disaster recovery and continuity
strategies for digital repositories

*         Minimizing risk in developing and implementing digital

*         Solutions for promoting collaborative services to enable
digital library continuity

*         New organizational models to support an emphasis on library
organizational continuity

*         Case studies and lessons learned from successful efforts in
recovering from a disaster


Proposals for papers should be no more than one page in length. If
selected, speakers will have 15 minutes to present their results and 5
minutes for a question and answer period during the conference session. 


Proposals should include the following information:


-      Name, title, and institution of speaker(s)

-      Title of proposed presentation

-      Address and email address of speaker(s)

-      Brief biographical statement about each speaker including
information about the qualifications of the speaker to address the
proposed topic

-      One or two paragraph discussion of the main points of the paper
including an outline of the takeaways a conference attendee will obtain
by having the topic presented at the conference  

-      Language of presentation

-      Contact information for response to the proposal


Proposals should be sent by 11 February, 2012 to Frank Cervone,
secretary of the Information Technology Section at
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> . The subject
line of all submissions should be "IFLA ITS Proposal -" followed by your
last name. For example, "IFLA ITS Proposal - Cervone" 


The contact person for each proposal will be informed by 10 March, 2012
whether their proposal has been accepted or not. Papers selected for
inclusion in the program must be submitted in one the official languages
of IFLA by 15 May, 2012. 


Please note:

-      The committee is looking for papers that present real-world
solutions. Papers that focus on solutions that are usable in multiple
library contexts will receive higher consideration for inclusion in the
conference program. Papers that are strictly theoretical or inapplicable
to other environmental contexts are less likely to be accepted for
inclusion in the program. 

-      Every paper accepted must be presented in person by one of the
authors at the WLIC in Helsinki. 

-      Authors are required to permit non-exclusive publication of
papers chosen for this session on the IFLA website and digital library.
Papers that are accepted but not presented in person at the conference
will not be made available on the official conference website nor will
they be considered for nomination as a best paper of the conference. 

-      Authors of papers not chosen for the conference may be invited to
submit their paper for publication in the IFLA IT section journal.

-      All speaker expenses, including registration for the conference,
travel, accommodation, etc., are the responsibility of the
authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA.

-      A special invitation can be issued to authors/presenters to
facilitate attendance if required. 


H. Frank Cervone, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Information Services and CIO

Purdue University Calumet