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Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 7:28 PM
  A concerned jESSE reader brought this site to my attention privately and asked that I bring it to your attention for discussion.
  I have not found very many SIS faculty on this site, but I have found a few.

  The reader wonders how your institution handles such student evaluations on such a web site, and how these evaluations factor into tenure decisions and other faculty evaluations.  The reader notes the differences between course choices by students (which these appear to be having writ large), and peer evaluations, but also notes that there is a connection between the two:  if students don't sign up for your courses, that is going to have a bearing on your evaluation by peers.
  The reader also wonders how you as an individual and as an institution balance negative reviews ("He asked us to do too much work!!") with positive reviews ("She's really sexy", "He tells great jokes", "Attendance isn't mandatory because he posts his lectures online", "Easy!!, "Homework was not collected" "I only came on test days".

  I and the reader would appreciate your comments on this site.

  And I and the reader would appreciate your comments on such student evaluations of professorial performance.


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