The University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies welcomes Dr. Tiffany Veinot<>, Assistant Professor School of Information<> at the University of Michigan, to our campus on Monday, January 30. Dr. Veinot will be giving a research presentation and convening a workshop during her visit.

As you will note, Dr. Veinot's research presentation is available "live" online via Wimba conferencing technology. Please feel free to join us at a distance! Access instructions are available below:

Monday, January 30, 12 noon - 1 pm CST in Gorgas Library Room 503
How 'Community' Matters: Uncovering the Social Dynamics of Health Information Behavior in Everyday Life
Access to health information is, unfortunately, differential in communities across the United States.  And those groups who have the most difficulty obtaining needed information are often those who experience worse health outcomes ("health disparities"). However, little is known about health information seeking, sharing and use in marginalized communities and families. This talk presents findings from a series of community-based studies that aim to answer the question, "how does community/family affiliation matter for access to, and use of, health information?". Results are presented from studies conducted with rural Canadians, urban African Americans, gay/bisexual men, patient groups and families confronting chronic disease.

Wimba room for participating in this Colloquium from a distance: (Information about using Wimba<>.)

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 *   GRANTS APPLICATION WORKSHOP (with Dr. Heidi Julien)
Monday, January 30, 4:00pm - 5:00 pm CST in Gorgas Library Room 503
Dr. Veinot will be joined by Dr. Heidi Julien, SLIS Director, to conduct a grants application workshop for faculty and doctoral students in the College of Communication and Information Science.

No Wimba access for this workshop as it is limited to on-site College of Communication and Information Science faculty and doctoral students only.
Dr. Veinot's visit to The University of Alabama is funded in part by the Library School Association of the UA School of Library and Information Studies.
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