Hi Charley,

I was a Navy carrier/land pilot who flew over 100 electronic 
intelligence missions in the Far East during the Cold War during the 
late 1950s--sometimes we had to go into enemy airspace.

Later I was head communications and top secret control officer for 
Mayport Naval Station (also a Naval Air Station) near Jacksonville, 
Florida, where I did cryptographic work.

Then in 1962 I was a Russian Naval Interpreter during the Cuban Blockade 
operations on different destroyers, oilers, and cruisers, where I turned 
around several Russian and other ships carrying nuclear missiles into 
Cuba. I also vectored several Naval aircraft on their intelligence 
missions over Cuba.

I plan to digitize my Russian interpreter notes since they should be 
declassified by now.

That is about it!

Glynn Harmon
School of Information

n 1/24/2012 6:44 PM, Charles Seavey wrote:
> Anybody out there besides me and Brooke Shannon spent any time in 
> intelligence work? Armed forces, CIA, whatever?
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