I worked from '81 to '94 in and around DoD training from Orlando.  I served first at what is now the UCF Institute for Simulation and Training, then as  a GS at NAWC-TSD and later as a contractor, including a stint as Facility Security Officer for one company.  I worked on projects funded through the Navy and through the Army's STRICOM.  I also worked on some NASA projects through UCF IST.  This was the era when computer based training went from PLATO terminals to stand-alone 486 machines, and a whole lot of mainframe, mostly VAX, legacy databases and figuring out how to add and access secure images to databases written in dbase II and other dinosaurs.  This was the time when digital libraries in instructional systems were very cutting edge, and we were making it up as we went.  My specialty was what would now fall into Educational Informatics, although I wrote a TON of SQL and C code (fewer hands make a more secure project!).  I also did a few interesting things with embedded training on computer systems for sister agencies... so I think I can say  yes to your question...

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Anybody out there besides me and Brooke Shannon spent any time in intelligence work? Armed forces, CIA, whatever?


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