Greetings all,
   And I hope that you have had (and are having) a great New Year.
   Please be reminded that e-mail attachments are not distributed to jESSE 
readers, so please do not send them.  I have no earthly idea what software 
the 2,000 readers of jESSE around the world are using, so I aim jESSE at 
the most common denominators of accessibility.  Folks with high levels of 
accessibility will have no problems, those with lower levels of 
accessibility will appreciate them.

   That is, first, text in the body of an e-mail.  If you want to reach the 
world, prepare your msg as text in the body of an e-mail.  Second, if you 
want to assume that everyone in the world has access to a web client, send 
us a URL to your beautifully composed web page.

   Gosh, what a wonderful lesson for LIS students to learn regarding 
accessibility.  Might be worth taking to heart.

   But please stop sending attachments. I will not forward them on.  I have 
no earthly idea what software my colleagues around the world are using, 
but observing internationally accepted standards will invite their people 
and enable them to participate in discussions.


Gretchen Whitney, PhD, Retired School of Information Sciences University 
of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996 USA [log in to unmask]