The ALA Office for Research & Statistics has extended the book proposal
deadline for the peer-reviewed ALA Research Series. The new deadline
date is Monday, Dec. 19, 2011.

The ALA Research Series expands the knowledge base of library research
by publishing accessible and practical analysis that addresses topics of
importance to libraries, librarians and professional education. The
annual series welcomes proposals for complete monographs and for
articles toward an edited volume. The series seeks research based on
methods other than surveys, such as observational research, content
analysis, grounded theory research, ethnographic technique and
historical research, as well as research that blends different methods.

Topical areas of interest to the review panel include shared
collections, digital preservation and curation, archiving, disaster
recovery, assessing return on investment for technology applications
(e.g., Web 2.0), information literacy, new forms of engagement in
learning/scholarship, 'digital citizenship' and the impact of the
economic downturn on library services. Research on other topics may be
submitted. Research must have been conducted in the past three years and
be near completion at the time of the proposal. For the purposes of the
proposal, preliminary findings of ongoing research are acceptable. Only
original research will be accepted.

The ALA Research Series is a peer-reviewed publication with an editorial
panel comprised of experienced library researchers and
researchers/practitioners.  The reviewer panel has membership
representing a broad array of expertise and perspectives in library
research topics.  Manuscript and proposal review is blind. Submissions
from non-U.S. authors are welcomed if their research is international in
scope or has obvious applicability to American libraries.  

All submissions must be received electronically by 4:30 p.m. (CDT) on
Monday, Dec. 19, 2011. Please visit
ies/alaresearchseries.cfm  for more information about the call for
manuscripts, author guidelines and timeline.



Cathleen Bourdon

Associate Executive Director, Communications and Member Relations

American Library Association

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