The process is underway to reintegrate the Academic Library Survey (ALS)
into the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) survey,
starting with the 2013 data collection year. Initial discussions were
held in New Orleans at the annual meeting of the Academic Library Survey
Advisory Committee meeting. Tom Weko, Associate Commissioner,
Postsecondary Studies Division, National Center for Education Statistics
(NCES) provided procedural background information and proposed steps for
the reintegration process, comparing data elements in the existing
Academic Library Survey with the various IPEDS components. The two main
reasons are to improve the quality of the data and decrease the
collection burden. 

In August a two-day Technical Review Panel brought together experts in
the field for a comprehensive discussion of existing ALS data elements
and the possible inclusion as part of the reintegrated survey. The panel
discussed every aspect of the existing ALS, including eligibility
requirements, staffing, funding and services. A report from Technical
Review Panel #35, Reintegrating the Academic Libraries Survey into
IPEDS, is available on the IPEDS TRP Web site:  

The report is open for public comments by October 18, 2011. This is the
time to review the proposed changes and submit your responses for
consideration. Pass along this invitation for comments to appropriate
colleagues and constituencies who have an interest in academic library
statistics, data collection, and research.



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