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Dear friends,

We at the journal LIS Critique: Journal of the Sciences of Information
Recorded in Documents now have 4 more peer reviewers:

Dr. Jain Priti, from Botswana, Senior LIS Lecturer at the University of

Ms. Paola Andrea Ramirez Perez from Colombia, Master student at the
University of Antioquia.

Ms. Iryna Solodovnik, from Ukrainie (doing a PhD at the Calabria University,


Ms. Isabel Espinal, from the USA (PhD candidate at the University of
Massachussetts, Amherst)

Hence, now we are 25 peer reviewers covering all the continents. Check our
site to find out the research lines of each of us:

I give my warmest welcome to our 4 new members who join our restless,
vibrant, innovative and semper ascendis team always presto to offer you free
of charge a critical & total Open Access plattform of scientific LIS & LIS
related informational issues.

Also I remind you the deadline for our next issue (Vol. 4. No. 2, July-Dec
2011) is October 31, 2011, to be published by Dec 31, 2011.

Check it out and other dates:

Download free of charge our current issue:

Or do as well with our previous 5 numbers here:

Once again we welcome our new 4 peer reviewers and we will happy to receive
your scientific papers, essays or book reviewes for this or future numbers.

Thank you very much!


*Dr. Zapopan Martin Muela-Meza, PhD, U.Sheffield (UK), MLS, SUNY Buffalo
Director & Editor in Chief, LIS Critique: Journal of the Sciences of
Information Recorded in Documents**
Dr. José Antonio Torres-Reyes, PhD & MLS, U.Granada (SPAIN)
Adjunct Director & Editor, LIS Critique: Journal of the Sciences of
Information Recorded in Documents*

Dr. Zapopan Martín Muela Meza, PhD
Doctor in Information Studies, University of Sheffield,
*"Only true persons are those who free man from*
*the chains that imprison his reason" -- Maxim Gorky, novel The Mother, 1907
"Sólo son verdaderas personas quienes arrancan al hombre
las cadenas que sujetan su razón." --Máximo Gorki, novela La madre, 1907