Greetings All:


I am in the process of developing a draft syllabus to begin the Graduate
School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) discussion of adding a
required marketing class to Dominican University's small list of
mandated courses.  At present we have an elective course, listed as
"Public Relations," that has a very strong marketing component. However,
since the in-process Defending Professionalism: A Resource for
Librarians, Information Specialists, Knowledge Managers and Archivists
(Libraries Unlimited), of which I am the editor, addresses the value of
requiring a marketing course in all library, information, and archival
education, I volunteered to provide a discussion document for my
Dominican University colleagues. From my experience, research, and the
accumulating accounts of massive professional terminations, particularly
within U.K. and U.S. contexts, it seems to be impossible to overestimate
the value of a marketing approach that ensures that the recipients and
funders of one's services recognize and appreciate one's value in their
professional and personal lives.


If you are teaching or have taught an English language-based marketing
course and would be generous enough to share an e-copy of your syllabus
with me I would be most appreciative. Pun intended, I see the value of a
catholic approach to collecting the widest range of syllabi, within and
without national boundaries. The English language restriction arises
from the fact that the French and Spanish taught to me so long ago by
the De La Salle Brothers at Mater Christi Diocesan High School (Astoria,
NY) have vanished.


Naturally, I will provide those who respond with a copy of the draft
version that I will be submitting to my colleagues.


Any assistance that the list can provide will be most appreciated. My
email is [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  


Many thanks,


Bill Crowley, Ph.D.


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