The Fall 2011 issue of Prism: the Newsletter from the ALA Office for
Accreditation is now available at
rrent.cfm. This message is being sent to a number of our constituent
groups. I apologize that you may receive multiple messages.


Features include:

*         Karen O'Brien, Director of the Office for Accreditation,
introduces new COA members and provides updates on ALA Standards review
and the CHEA recognition review process

*         Ken Haycock, Chair of the Committee on Accreditation,
discusses the COA's 2011-2015 strategic plan

*         Laura Dare, Assistant Director of the Office for
Accreditation, provides an overview of the various accreditation

*         Sessions of interest at upcoming conferences, including the
ALA 2012 Midwinter Meeting: ERP Chair training and AASL/NCATE training

*         Acknowledgement of External Review Panelists and AASL/NCATE



Laura Dare, Assistant Director

Office for Accreditation

American Library Association

50 E. Huron St.

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 312-280-2435

Fax: 312-280-2433