Dear Colleague,

Over 500 of you have responded to our call for ideas for IMLS's
Strategic Plan at <>
. We are thrilled with this response and inspired by the ideas you are
sharing. If you have not yet taken a look, please visit the site to
share your ideas and comments. You can help rank ideas by voting to
agree or disagree. If you have already visited, thank you, and please
consider checking back in on the community to see how it is growing.

Interestingly, the number one ranked idea is about promoting
preservation of physical and digital content, followed closely behind by
ideas that encourage IMLS to "cultivate a culture of planning and
evaluation," Identify and disseminate best practices to support
learning" and "streamline the grants administration process."

Other ideas highlight the roles of museums and libraries in early
learning and information literacy and support a wide range of

I hope that you will visit the site and add your voice to this national

Best wishes, 

Mamie Bittner, Director
Office of Communications and Government Affairs
Institute of Museum and Library Services