Call for Comments on YALSA's Draft Research Agenda


Deadline: August 15, 2011



In 2009 YALSA's Research Committee was tasked with updating YALSA's
Research Agenda, which was last modified in 1994.  The goal was to
create a document that would direct and promote research in the field of
young adult librarianship. The committee submitted a draft agenda to the
Board in June 2010 and the Board asked for revisions.  In the fall of
2010, the President, Board Liaison and Executive Director worked with
the Committee to come up with a new template for the agenda as well as a
timeline for completion.  In the spring, Research Committee members as
well as other contributors used the template to draft a document, which
was approved by the YALSA Board in concept at their June 2011 meeting.
A revised draft is now available for public comment.



The committee is soliciting specific comments from now through Aug. 15th
on this revised draft for discussion and potential adoption by YALSA's
Board of Directors. This solicitation is specifically limited to
comments addressing the following:

*   Accuracy: does the content accurately reflect the current state of
research in the field today and provide appropriate direction for future
research? If not, what is inaccurate or incomplete?

*   Clarity: is the document clear and succinct?  Is it free of jargon?
If not, what specific improvements can be made?

*   Completeness: do the four priority areas encompass what is key in
young adult librarianship today? If not, what is missing?

*   Ease of use: how successfully do you think the agenda overall could
be used by the primary target audiences - researchers and graduate
schools of library and information science - in order to identify topics
for and conduct research? If not easily, what could be changed to make
it more successful as an agenda?


Comments that do not fall within these categories may be declared out of
scope and left unaddressed. It is desired that, at the end of the year,
the document will have been finalized and approved by the YALSA Board.


The committee welcomes comments from interested individuals or parties,
YALSA members and the library community at large.  The draft document is
available at .
Please review the document and submit your comments by the deadline of
August 15, 2011 at 


Please note that this is not a ballot, so please do not 'approve' or
'disapprove' the document. This is a call for comments to improve the
document and prepare it for presentation to YALSA's Board.  The comments
will be weighed by the committee and taken into consideration where they
will enhance the quality or understanding of the document.  Comments
will be compiled and posted online the first week of October.


For further information, please contact:

*   Don Latham, Research Committee Chair at [log in to unmask] 

*   Sarah Flowers, President at [log in to unmask] 


Additional Resources:

*   YALSA's existing Research Agenda is at  



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