You *did* present this as a "question to all" :-).

What do you mean by "national dissertations" ??  Are you
only concerned with the U.S.A. ( and Canada ? ) ?

In some countries ( where the output is in any case [ much ]
lower than in North America ), lists *are* made and published.
Furthermore, in some countries dissertations are treated as
( more or less ) normal publications rather than as grey
literature. This fact in itself makes it easier to create for
oneself an ad hoc overview, if one is familiar enough with
the national bibliographical apparatus in question, and/or
how to search effectively e.g. the online union catalogue.
Additionally, nowadays many universities maintain the
requirement that all doctoral dissertations ( and sometimes
also master's theses ) must be submitted to the respective
institutional digital repositories. These are ( often ) easily
searchable on the criteria you have in mind -- either
individually per university, or sometimes collectively via a
national system.

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

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> Subject: Re: List of ALISE Garfield dissertation awards
> A related question to all :
> Is there a way to know how many national dissertations are completed
> in LIS on an annual basis ?  Other than checking Proquest
> Dissertations & Abstracts by school etc ? and by specializations also?
>   This question may have been asked previously, just wondering about
> this in terms of ALISE -is this something that is also maintained
> somewhere still?
> I know that Arthur Young used to maintain a bibliography of
> dissertations & theses
> The last edition I have is from 1988  the 3rd revised edition:  there
> may be others more recent-?
> American Library History: A Bibliography of Dissertations & Theses
> Arthur P. Young  ISBN 0810821389
> "This third revised edition is based on Michael H. Harris' A Guide to
> Research in American Library History (Scarecrow, 1968; 2d edition,
> 1974)
> Thank you,
> Karen