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ALISE 2012, Dallas, Texas
Historical Perspectives Special Interest Group CFP
Conference Theme: Extending Our Reach: Expanding
Horizons, Creating Opportunities

Call for Paper or Panel Presentation – DEADLINE:
JULY 22, 2011

In keeping with the 2011 ALISE Conference Theme,
“Extending our Reach: Expanding Horizons,
Creating Opportunities” the Historical
Perspectives SIG invites submissions for an
individual paper, or for a 3-4 person panel
program that highlights the history of new
opportunities and connections in the field of
LIS (interpreted broadly.) This session offers
an opportunity to reveal previously unknown
historical instances of times when the field has
extended its reach; or to revisit or reexamine
those we think we already understand.

Just to get your juices flowing, we invite you
think about these topics:
•	How have libraries and librarians reached out
to new populations?
•	When did major innovations create new
opportunities in LIS? How did our field react to
these innovations?
•	Who are the major historical “connectors” of
our profession? Who has reached across
boundaries in innovative ways?
•	How did we expand our professional horizons in
the past? How did this impact our work as
educators, practitioners and researchers?
•	How has globalization changed our field? What
international connections have been made in the
•	Was there a time when reaching out was
discouraged? What changed this?
•	What challenges have become opportunities in
the library field? For example Youth Services
librarians turned the ‘challenge’ of children
disrupting the library into an opportunity to
reach out to them in a new way.
•	How did interaction with new disciplines
affect our field?
•	What new opportunities for connectedness have
occurred in the history of the field? For
example, how did the formation of ALA affect the
ability of librarians to connect with each
other? With outsiders?

If you have something in mind that is not listed
here, we invite you to propose different topics
related to the conference theme. This call is
open to anyone working in the field of library
and information science, regardless of
occupational label.

Submit 300-500 word abstracts in PDF or WORD
format by July 22, 2011, to Ellen Pozzi, Rutgers
University, [log in to unmask] If
proposing a panel, please also include a brief
statement about each presenter and their c

Ellen Pozzi
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Library and Information Science
School of Communication and Information
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
4 Huntington St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071
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