Dear colleagues, 


In response to the recent update of the Web-of-Science interface (v5) of the
Science Citation Index, I recompiled the following programs:


1. ISI.exe <>  for the organization
of downloads into the structure of relational database management;

2. Instcoll.exe <>
for the network analysis at the institutional level;

3. Intcoll.exe <>  for
the network analysis at the country level;

2. Cities1.exe <>  for the (Google) mapping
of cities and networks (Leydesdorff & Persson, JASIST, 2010); 

3. Inst1.exe <>  for the similar mapping at
the institutional level. 


The latter two programs can also used for the mapping of excellence at the
city or institutional level: (Bornmann & Leydesdorff (JASIST, 2011)
and (Bornmann et al., JoI,


The programs have been recompiled using Win32 software instead of the 16-bit
Dos. Thus, one can run them under a 64-bits operating system. If you run the
program from the C-prompt it either finishes or provides an informative
error message. 


The fields containing information other than addresses were not changed. I
therefore do not intend to recompile the other programs, but one should be
aware that there can be incompatibilities between downloads in v4 or v5 in
the address information. 


With best wishes, 




Loet Leydesdorff 

Professor, University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCoR)
Kloveniersburgwal 48, 1012 CX Amsterdam.
Tel. +31-20-525 6598; fax: +31-842239111

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