**Please note - while this webinar does not have a freight focus, it may
be of interest to members of the Freight Planning LISTSERV, as
congestion pricing does play a role in reducing freight congestion. 


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Offices of Operations and
Innovative Program Delivery will hold a webinar on Technology to Enable
and Complement Congestion Pricing on June 23, 2011 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Eastern.  This webinar is part of the FHWA webinar series entitled
"Overcoming the Challenges of Congestion Pricing." These webinars are
aimed at state and local agencies that are currently in the process of
implementing or would like to implement congestion pricing;
decision-makers/political leaders who want to better understand the
benefits of congestion pricing; metropolitan planning organizations
(MPOs) that may be interested in incorporating pricing into their
planning activities; and others who just want to learn more about
congestion pricing strategies. 

There is no cost to participate in these webinars and they are open to
everyone who is interested. Each webinar will last 90 minutes, with 60
minutes allocated for presentations, and 30 minutes for audience Q&As.
Through the use of Web conferencing technology, participants can view
the speakers' presentations on their computer and hear the audio portion
of the presentations either via the computer or telephone, depending on

Webinar Description

FHWA released a series of primers related to various aspects in
congestion pricing. One focus of these primers is technology and how it
can enable (i.e., inform travelers of charges, collect charges, and
manage charges) or complement congestion pricing (i.e., extend the
impact of congestion pricing by influencing traveler behavior and
vehicle flow). This Webinar, based on existing research, will introduce
and describe various technologies and their impacts on congestion
pricing and the transportation network.

Presenters and Agenda

*         Jack Opiola, Senior Partner and Senior VP, D'Artagnan
Consulting LLC, will discuss current and future technologies applicable
to demand management. Jack has advanced the technology for road user
charging and integration of ITS applications including the pioneering
GPS based solutions, DSRC solutions, video and other approaches in Hong
Kong, Singapore, Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia,
London and Manchester, UK, Germany (MAUT), Sweden (ARENA), Netherlands
(ABvM) and Access Control in several Italian cities and the USA,
including Seattle, Southern California Association of Governments, and
currently Oregon.  

*         Nick Thompson, Director of Policy, Safety & Strategic
Initiatives Division at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, will
provide an overview of technologies that have enabled congestion pricing
and active traffic management in Minnesota. Nick has been program
manager for Minnesota's MnPASS Congestion Pricing initiative, led
Minnesota's UPA effort and was Traffic Operations Manager for Mn/DOT's
Regional Transportation Management Center.

*         Mark Leth, Traffic Engineer, Washington State Department of
Transportation, will provide an overview of technologies that complement
congestion pricing and active traffic management in Washington State. 

*         Bob Sheehan, Transportation Specialist in the FHWA Office of
Operations, will speak about tolling interoperability issues. Bob joined
FHWA in August 2008 and supports the U.S. Department of Transportation
(USDOT) Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Initiative, Active Traffic
Management program, Tolling/Pricing technologies, and is the point of
contact for the Los Angeles Congestion Reduction Demonstration.  


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