I do use them.  I prefer to have %iles in the 90's but certainly have many in the 80's.  I honor most teacher recommendations unless they are radically different than the test results.  Our CP English kids are roughly the middle two quartiles with the lowest 25% going into standard English.  We are much more inclined to use performance and desire as the primary criteria for 10, 11, and 12 Honors courses.  I certainly do encourage students with strong scores to take Honors courses, however.  PLAN scores have been used for our students to qualify for Dual Credit courses.

Carol Beilharz
Loudon High School

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Subject: [SMC] High School Placement

This is the 1st year that I will be using ACT Explore test results to place my 8th graders into high school classes.  What scores do you use to place students into honors and/or college prep classes?

Also, do you continue to use the ACT Plan results to place upper classmen into honors and/or college prep classes?


Lea Ann Voiles
School Counselor
The King’s Academy
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