American Library Association President Roberta Stevens on proposed collective bargaining legislation
February 24, 2011

 “The ALA supports library employees in seeking equitable compensation and recognizes the principle of collective bargaining as an important element of successful labor-management relations. We affirm the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively with their employers, without fear of reprisal. These are basic workers’ rights that we defend for thousands of academic, public and school library professionals.”

Letter of support from the [UW-Madison] School of Library and Information Studies
February 25, 2011

"We stand in solidarity with our sister universities throughout the state, and with the teachers, teaching assistants, office workers and many others who clear our roads, guard our prisons, keep us safe, and educate our children. We want a Wisconsin that looks forward, toward a bright future in a 21st century economy. And we also want a civil Wisconsin, where critical decisions concerning hundreds of thousands of citizens aren’t made overnight by fiat. We have real problems in our state; to solve them, we must sit down together. We call on the governor and the legislature to take a step back, to listen to all of the state’s citizens, and to work together to build a common future. "

WLA States Opposition to Budget Repair Bill 
February 28, 2011

"The Wisconsin Library Association opposes the proposed Budget Repair Bill and affirms the collective bargaining rights of public employees... We are proud to stand with those who oppose this unfair legislation."

Resolution in Support of Wisconsin Public Employees
resolution adopted by the UUP Executive Board
United University Professions

"RESOLVED, that UUP stands in solidarity with the public employees of the state of Wisconsin and sends a special message of affirmation and acclamation to our Wisconsin colleagues working in public higher education institutions."

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