Dr. Michelle Holschuh Simmons and Lori Lindberg, lecturers with the San Jose
School of Library and Information Science (SLIS), were honored during
January as recipients of the Excellence in Online Teaching Award, presented
by the Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) consortium.


The WISE award recognizes their accomplishments as educators in online
courses, which are part of the School's Master of Library and Information
Science (MLIS) program.  Student feedback is one of the key award criteria.


Lindberg teaches MLIS courses in Archives and Records Management.  She
focuses on making sure her passion for course content comes across in an
online environment through her posts on discussion boards, recorded
lectures, and regular messages to students.  


"Enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and regular positive communication go a long
way towards connecting with students, helping them understand course
content, and encouraging them to feel comfortable interacting with their
online instructors and peers," said Lindberg.  "These teaching strategies,
along with good preparation and continuously exploring new content delivery
options, really helps increase student learning."


Simmons uses a wide range of online learning tools to create a lively,
interactive learning experience for students in her MLIS courses about
Information Literacy and Information Resources and Services.  She uses web
conferencing for live online discussions and student presentations, as well
as an online text-based discussion board.  In addition, she distributes
weekly lectures as text documents, audio files, and screencasts.  Students
in her courses also engage in collaborative work on wikis.


Simmons and Lindberg received their awards during January, at the
Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) conference
in San Diego.


As a member of the WISE consortium, SLIS students can take online courses
from LIS graduate schools in the United States and Canada.  The School's
faculty can also take advantage of the online pedagogy resources offered by
WISE, helping them excel as online educators.  


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