I bring this to your attention because these two msgs are making the 
rounds of Web4Libs and other discussion lists tonite.
    The first is at 
which is a tiny version of the full URL at
The original msg represented here seemed to be unaware of t he fact that 
this data appears to be posted/gathered in 2009 - three years ago. But it 
is being posted as current (2011).
   The second is at
which is a tiny version of the full URL at
   The original posting seems to be based on three-year old data, which 
appears to be current, except for the little date of data collection of 

   While this indeed old data, I bring this to your attention because it is 
appearing in my mailbox tonite as if it were current information.
   And I've not seen anything in ALISE or ASIST literature to dispute the 
US News claims. Or to provide any other rankings according to more 
reliable criteria however stated.

Gretchen Whitney, PhD, Retired
School of Information Sciences
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Subject: [Web4lib] Library Science rankings

I have heard the phrase "When you are number 2, you try harder" :

With University of Rhode Island ranking last at 44, the phrase "No place to
go but up" comes to mind.

I would like to see the survey upon which they base these results.  But,
given that there is really no consequence for a failure to be competitive,
the results of the survey would be merely academic.

R. Balliot
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