At the 2010 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh SIGVIS sponsored its first
ever workshop. It was included in the program when the Program
Committee saw that our ambitious panel proposal would greatly benefit
from a longer time slot. We took the opportunity and ran with it,
holding a half-day panel with speakers who presented recent or nascent
research and actively sought audience input into their work. We hoped
that the workshop format would allow the speakers to benefit from
hearing the ideas of other individuals interested in this area of
research. Five speakers and eighteen participants later, we found that
this was a very good idea. We wish to repeat this workshop format for
the 2011 conference in New Orleans.

SIGVIS is calling for speakers to participate in this year's workshop,
to be held before the Annual Meeting. Specifically, we are calling for
recently completed or in-process research dealing with methods of
bridging the communication gaps / gulfs that exist surrounding media
who would like to present and, importantly, receive feedback from the
attendees concerning their work. Depending on the number of speakers,
each will have approximately an hour and a half to present their
research efforts, incorporate an activity for the attendees, and lead
a discussion of their findings and/or research concerns. If materials
are needed (paper, pens, printed materials, etc.), they should be
listed in the proposal submission..

Submissions should be sent to [log in to unmask] The deadline for
workshop proposals is Friday, April 29th. SIGVIS will submit a final
proposal to the Conference Chairs by May 22nd, and we expect to have
an answer to the presenters by June 28th.

Many Thanks,

Chris Landbeck					Joan Beaudoin
Chair, SIGVIS					Vice-Chair, SIGVIS

JungWon Yoon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of South Florida
School of Information
4202 E. Fowler Ave, CIS 1040
Tampa, FL 33620