Hello SMCA,

It was another full house at this month’s SMCA meeting!  It was so great to 
enjoy some great laughs, loud cheering (from one table), watch new 
connections formed, and old friendships solidified.  I so enjoyed returning to 
One Tree Grille and feel like the setting worked out great.  Please let me know 
if you have any thoughts on the setting.

I have attached the meeting agenda so that those who were unable to attend 
can stay in touch.  Things are great with SMCA as we finished our first big 
event of the year (College & Career Fair) and move toward our second big 
event of the year (SMCA 1-Day: March 5th).

Remember if you are interested in presenting at this year’s 5th Annual SMCA 1-
Day Conference the Call for Proposals is due December 15th.  I have attached 
the paperwork again if you are interested in presenting.  As I mentioned at the 
meeting, this is a great first step if you are interested in presenting at 
conferences.  I started at 1-Day and am now presenting at TCA next week!  I 
hope you consider this great opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in January (1/13/11) at my school, Knoxville 
Catholic High School.  

Have a wonderful holiday season!!!


Kat Coy, M.S.
SMCA President
School Counselor
Knoxville Catholic High School 

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