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Wyoming has fully implemented one segment of Variable Speed Limits and
is in the process of rolling out several more segments in the near
future after a successful study of the test site.   The speed limit is
adjusted for the segments where the weather (or other) conditions
warrant based on real time traffic speed data.  More details at:
tryId=8618  and


I have heard rumors that WSDOT has had discussions with WYDOT ITS about
VSL (possibly for Snoqualmie Pass).


FYI, Under the 2009 MUTCD regulatory variable speed limit signs are to
have a white legend. See attached interpretation from FHWA's MUTCD Team.


Wyoming also has a chain law that can apply to road segments during
adverse weather.  This is an alternative used to keep roads open.  More
details are available at:



If I can provide further information, please let me know.



Adam Larsen

Safety Program Engineer

FHWA Wyoming Division


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Subject: Inclement weather speed limit reductions


The Washington State DOT is interested in information on the following:


1) Are there any states that decrease the posted speed limit in the
event of inclement weather (snow and ice in particular) and if so how is
that accomplished? Is the speed limit decrease applied to specific road
segments only or can it be incorporated across a state's entire highway


for related information for all traffic in general and freight trucks in


2) Are there any urban areas that issue chain requirements for freight
trucks during snow/ice conditions?


Thank you for any input.


Dale A Tabat

Truck Freight Program and Policy Manager Washington State Departemnt of
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